What Conspiracy?

Bank Profits Soar, Wages Suffer Sharpest Decline in 60 Years

The front magazine cover art of Popular Mechan...

The front magazine cover art of Popular Mechanics’ March 2005 issue, displaying the article’s title. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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If we accept that there is a power elite and that this power elite has divergent interests from the rest of us, then conspiracy theories are not extraordinary claims at all. There’s nothing extraordinary about the proposition that people who have power over others and who have divergent interests from them will secretly try to fuck those other people over. – Francois Tremblay on “The Prime Directive

Everyone keeps telling me I’m succumbing to conspiracy theories. They don’t get that I’m not talking about conspiracies, I’m talking about facts, things that are already out in the open that many people choose to ignore or are just too plain naive to see what’s happening. The conspiracy was over a long time ago, in the 1980s, when Reagan lifted the regulations that kept corporate fat cats from seizing control of the power.

Early on, some members of our government recognized that giving corporations too much power meant less freedom for everyone else and they took steps to prevent this from happening again (because it had already happened at least once before, with the Rockefeller’s oil empire). The government devised regulations for this, along with the historical precedent of breaking up the Rockefeller oil empire into several smaller, but separate, businesses. But now those regulations no longer exist, and the government insists on “bailing out” banks and big business instead of breaking them up.

And, during the Bush Administration, the government passed a law that makes “financial political contributions” (formerly called “bribes”) the same thing as “free speech.” Those who argue there is nothing wrong with this practice seem to ignore the fact that when all this money talks the people who have little or no money (the actual majority) do not get heard.

These are facts, not suppositions, not speculations, and not theories. I draw certain conclusions from these facts, and some of those conclusions might be suppositions and speculations, but many have me thinking, “What other conclusions can I possibly draw from these facts, anyway?”

What conclusion should we draw from the fact that corporate profits are soaring but the wages of the average worker have actually gone down? You tell me.

And what about those of us who don’t work (for whatever reason, in a position with no income)? I went job hunting in 2010, just before starting school at Towson University. I kept submitting applications throughout the semester and returning to those businesses regularly to check on them. To my surprise, some managers were annoyed that I had returned. In the past it was a sign of initiative and willingness to work. Now it just means you’re a pain in the neck at some businesses.

I never got a job. I also applied for jobs in school. Two interviews total, both at school, and no job. I had a recommendation from one of my English professors too, for the tutoring job. I did get lucky enough to land the awesome internship at Diamond Comics Distributors (woot!). Unfortunately, my past several weeks of job hunting, all including decent references, for low-level jobs that in the past had high turnover rates, have still resulted in no interviews, no call backs, no emails. So I not only question the declining wages, but wonder why I can’t seem to get one myself (a declining wage, that is, or any kind of wage).


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