Please, everyone who had been following my blog until I stopped posting, accept my apology for being absent so long.

I was in a lot of pain for nearly two months and it was very difficult for me to concentrate. However, the pain actually receded about three weeks ago. I tried to log in to WordPress several times but I had forgotten my password. I tried to reset it several times too, but I never received the email from Worpress and could find no way to contact someone directly.

Thing is, I had the password saved in a Works document on another computer (nominally mine, but actually my son’s–it’s a long story). My son one day, while I was still in pain, decided to disconnect the thing and put everything away! So I really must apologize for not making the effort to set it back up to get my password in a more timely fashion.

Anyway, I’m back, for now. I have already started work on a relevant post and should have it ready either today or tomorrow.